A Database of 120 Different 3D Printers, With Prices & Stats


       You’ve heard of MakerBot, Cubify and Solidoodle. And if someone finds out you’re into ID and asks "Hey, what do one of those 3D printers go for?" you can spit out a ballpark figure, and maybe some basic stats.

       But there are tons of other 3D printers available on the consumer market, and plenty of questions you might not have the answers handy to: Which can I most easily buy if I’m in India, the Netherlands, or Taiwan? What are the build envelopes and prices? Which use fused filament fabrication, which go with fused deposition modeling? Are there affordable ones that do stereolithography?

       To answer these questions and more, the good folks over at 3Ders.org have put together a handy database listing over 100 different types of 3D printers with their relevant stats, countries of origin, current stock availability, and prices (the lowest-priced DIY machine starts at US $189, while the high end of the consumer market goes into five figures). Anyone across the globe who’s looking to get into 3D printing will find it a handy place to start narrowing options.

       Here’s something we’re curious about—in a year’s time, do you reckon this list will be longer, or shorter?