Production Methods: Electrical Discharge Machining.

Electrical discharge machining, or EDM, is a wicked (and expensive) way of cutting metal to extremely fine tolerances. It's a CNC process whereby two electrodes are precisely placed at opposite ends of the workpiece; a powerful spark is then generated between them, essentially vaporizing the material in the path of the spark. The dross is then flushed away by a constant stream of de-ionized water running across the workpiece.

Why User - Centered design is not Enough, by John Wood.

Utopia or Oblivion?
Buckminster Fuller framed this question in his 1993 book of the same name, warning that mankind's prospects would go decisively one way, or the other. Twenty years on, it is clear that nobody could have answered his question with any certainty. This is because we are all entangled in it. Fortunately, most of us have heard of the butterfly effect, so we are slowly realising that each one of us has some responsibility for what happens. What does this mean for 'UCD' (User-Centered Design)?

To Design Is to Understand Uncertainty

Dr. James Self presents an interest thesis regarding the underlying premise of design, namely that "design is to engage with an exploration of ideas towards the yet to be."

"CAD vs. Sketching, Why Ask?"

A continuing issue in industrial design education is when to allow students to move from sketch work to 3D CAD modelling during studio practice—or whether to let them use CAD at all! I've heard of first year undergraduate modules where students are 'banned' from the use of CAD in an attempt to encourage sketchbook work and more explorative conceptual design practice. In my view this approach is somewhat draconian and does little to deal with the underlying reasons that attract less experienced designers to the comparative certainty of 3D CAD.