Studio is a team of the best graduates of St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry, Industrial Design Department, and experienced design engineers. All specialists of our studio are professionals in the sphere of industrial design and have extensive experience in design and manufacturing application of industrial articles. Chief designer of the studio – Alexander Sekirash.



The studio’s activities cover the whole process of design from primary negotiations and concepts to production of specific products. We perform the entire process of designing: analysis in terms of artistic execution, design and ergonomics, making a draft, layout and design of the article, a prototype model and preparation of design documentation.



The principal concept of the studio is manufacture of competitive products using attractive design and comprehensive integration of the industrial design in the commercial strategy of our partners. Moreover, we are not merely producing a successful commercial product - we do our best to create articles, having great respect of people who will use them, with regard for their values and preferences. It is necessary as well to take into account the ecological safety of manufactured products.